There’s this language, an official government lingo, that is often… confusing.

So, if you try to do your tax yourself, it can be bewildering to know exactly what they’re talking about sometimes. What numbers are they after? Where do I find them? Do I even need to fill out this section?

When you don’t understand the ins and outs, knowing how to claim back what is rightfully yours is difficult.

And that makes perfect sense. Why would the Government want to give you back money?

At SHARP AS TAX, we’ve spent years understanding the taxation system, we understand the lingo, and we know what the ATO wants in which sections.

Most importantly, we know what you are entitled to claim back.

Want to maximise your tax return? Don’t just be SMART - be SHARP.

Our low fee is tax-deductible and we can deduct it from your tax return – so you won’t even notice it.

Oh, and if you’ve tried the ATO’s MyGov app, ask us about our OFFER

Because we understand that you can’t always get time off work, we have extended business hours offering evening and Saturday morning appointments.

Sharp As Tax… SHARPER than your average accountant